Royal Ceiling Lamp Centers

EPS Ceiling Lamp Centers are designed to enhance the look of ceilings, possessing both decorative qualities and heat insulation; these products are easy to install. They add an aesthetic appeal to your décor and do not have any risk to fall down from the ceiling like gypsum products. Available in variety of designs, colour of the products can be changed as per requirement. Light weight and easy to handle, these products offer comfort with beauty.

  • HKS-FIX adhesive powder is applied to the edges with a putty knife
  • The application is performed by placing the material, grinding into slightly and moving towards both sides.
  • Extending over of the applied adhesive powder from the edges of the material is provided.
  • The filling between the center part of the material and the ceiling is made with the adhesive powder extended over the edges.
  • By using a wet brush. the rest of the. Adhesive powder around the material is cleaned.