Exterior Purpose Sliding

Exterior Purpose Sliding is briefly application of coating the buildings with insulation boards. The importance of energy savings‘ being understood recently and growing of cladding market with great speed has created demand for some accessories to complete innovations and the existing system.

These modern systems can be used in any existing or new building. lt has more advantages than the standard external cladding.


  • Produced from high density EPS or XPS insulation boards.
  • The finishing used on the boards are acrylic based and is very durable to outside conditions.
  • Is not affected by water, moisture, frost and UV.
  • ls flexible, does not crack.
  • Thermal Conductivity is very low. (=0,031 - 0,035W/m K)
  • Insulation value is high.
  • It is economic.
  • Provides heat insulation up to 60% according to the location and shape of the building.
  • The system can compensate for the cost incurred within 2~4 years..
  • The system continues to bring about savings all through the lifetime of the building.
  • Flammability Classification is B1. It has properties which does not enhance flaming.
  • It is not affected by earthquake or movements ofthe building because it has a flexible facade finishing.
  • It is not harmful to human health or to the environment.
  • It does not host insects and animals.
  • It does not absorb water.
  • It does not lose its heat insulation properties overtime.
  • It is lightweight and does not add a significant amount ofweight to the building.
  • It is compatible with the physical structure ofthe building, allows the building to breath.
  • It does not cause thermal bridges due to its overlapping edge treatment.
  • lt is easy to apply; it is much faster and cleanerto apply than cladding applications (with mesh and plaster).
  • It can be painted with any type of paint that is not solvent based.
  • Allows for designing and is decorative to the building.