Classic Ceiling Tiles

Decorative Ceiling Plates have both decorative qualities and heat insulation. Available in variety of designs, these products can be easily installed and do not have any risk to fall down from the ceiling like gypsum products. Desirable colour of the products can be changed with paints. The low weight of EPS makes it easy to handle and to transport to site. They will not scratch, corrode or support bacterial growth and thus you are guaranteed a perfect finish.

  • Prepare the surface properly for the application.
  • HKS acrylic mastic applied on the surface of the material as little drops.
  • Start form the corner opposite the entrance (in order to hide the imbalance of the look due to the additions and joints) with extra care of avoiding the adhesive glue out of the applied area.
  • During the application of adhesive glue. No over pressure more than enough on the surface of the material to provide the dispense of adhesive glue on the surface equally move the material on both directions.
  • No filling between two material and the adhesive glue oversplit not to be reused the curvature of the ceiling has to be taken into account and solution should be adhesive glue filling or pressing.